we are looking for a really beautiful project
Are you an entrepreneur or on a startup with a really creative project?
Join the contest, we are ready to design your brand for free
Project design by Code Barcelona
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an already started project or a new one
Rumors say that there is a wild creative project on the loose.
We are looking for it and we have a reward for the one who catch it.


Because starting a project is hard enough. We will be glad to help a really creative project, to grow up, and growing up starts with a good branding.


Everyone with a creative project, is able to join the contest.
Extra points if your project is a non-profit, enviroment friendly related or innovative one.


You should submit the project for free with a small brief of it:
brand name, your main target, the reasons to start this project,
and whatever you like to told us about the project.
Extra points if this include some images/pictures, etc.


The selected project will be announced on 8th November 2017.


We will design your brand, consisting on:
Logo, Brand Line, Business cards and a Website
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we are still accepting projects
We are accepting projects until 8th August 2017.
Don’t miss your chance to feel the experience of working with us.
Before joining the contest, we urge you to read the contest conditions
and to know more about CODE Web Barcelona.
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about us


We are a graphic design and web design studio from Barcelona, Spain.
Working with clients around the world, the love for our work defines the quality on every project we are involved in.

From this pasion borns this initiative, to contribute as far as possible and help startups and entrepreneurs make this dreams come true.

If you want to learn more about us, just visit our website, where you will be able to take a look at the projects we make and stay up to date with our blog news.


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