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Published on 12/27/21

Web design trends for 2022

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Welcome to the annual post on web design trends for 2022 , one of the pillars of creation and development of web pages. Here we begin a tour of some of the trends that will be present in web design for 2022 .

Do not expect to find a summary of the trends as soon as you start, do not be lazy and take your time to read and assimilate the concepts that we have prepared for you so that you can use for inspiration and spiritual guidance.

One after another we will see the trends in web design for 2022 , I will tell you about their particularities, I will show you the tips that must be taken into account in each case, the result that we are going to obtain and finally we will finish each trend with three real examples with images, some video and the link to see the website.

All the web sites that we are going to see are real and are already online. Thank to that we would be able to see these trends applied weeks before the start of next year.

Web design trends for 2022

Custom cursor and interaction

One of the main trends in web design 2022 that we are going to see in all the web designs that are up to date and one step ahead is the custom cursor, but what is the custom cursor?

The custom cursor is one more step towards customizing a website, web designers and developers have long been looking for the definitive web design , the perfect trend and a memorable web design.

One of the trends in web design for the year 2022 will be custom cursors.

These elements, which have traditionally been left in their most “raw” appearance, the default and without design cursor, will now be customized and will offer their own and particular appearance for each web design.

In this way, you can use a personalized cursor that has to do with your design, the activity of the company or the sensations that you want to convey.

In the same way, when customizing a cursor, you can also customize the behavior for the cursor itself when interacting with other elements of the web site, for example, when hovering elements, the cursor can change its appearance, such as color, shape, a disctintive animation and much more.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. Are aimed at all types of audiences
  2. Don’t want to leave a doubt about your company potential
  3. Give that extra customization look that will make you stand out from the rest

To remember:

Each project has its own needs

Design and development must be perfect, fluidity cannot be lost

Web sites currently using this trend



Visit website

In the web page that we have just seen, we can appreciate a perfect example of the use of the custom cursor and the interaction that it has with the elements of the web.


LJCOM by 148-agency from France


Visit website

Another web page that is among the best web designs of the year and that already has the custom cursor, also incorporated the interaction between the cursor and the elements that the web site presents.


BEHORDE by Nextpage from Ukraine and Alex Seagull


Visit website

Finally, a much finer and more delicate interactive cursor example. We have a cursor that is activated in a very attractive way when hovering over the key elements of web design.

Overflow animations

The second trend in web design for 2022 will be those called by professionals in the sector as overflow animations.

This term describes the visual effect that the web site performs as the elements that compose it appear and load within the an invisible frame.

In this sense, we will be able to see how designers and web developers work hand in hand to incorporate into the design and develping a series of elements that refuse to appear simply on the screen and prefer to appear in an animated way. From left to right, top to bottom, clipping the whole elements or typographies to completion and whatever creative minds can think and do.

This resource works very well in web design and web pages that have big headlines and bet on an indiscriminate use of large fonts.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. Have an impactful home
  2. Support a great part of the design in typography
  3. They want to show their content in a very dynamic way

To remember:

  1. The development must be perfect so that fluidity is not lost
  2. It is only suitable for professional developers
  3. It must respond or provide added value to the project

Web sites currently using this trend

AVANTT TYPEFACE by Creative Nights from Czech Republic


Visit website

One of the best examples for this web design trend. You can see the trend is perfectly used. We have a very dynamic content and a navigation that will make you have a good time during your stay in the site.


SIVIK ATELIER by Shaban Iddrisu™ from United Arab Emirates


Visit website

Another magnificent example for the overflow animations trend in a really up to date web design. There is no doubt that the work made by the developer was excellent. This results can only be achieved if the developer has the skill and THE FORCE.


LEONID KOSTETSKYI by Emotion Agency from Ukraine


Visit website

Overflow animations are an essential part of this web design . We are in front of another work of art in the design and web development . The texts and headlines appear from within the core of the design and are presented in a very attractive way.

Next level 3D

The power of our machines is impressive, the bandwidth practically infinite and this is evident in the design and web development .

One of the trends in web design for 2022 are going to be web sites that are one step away from being a video game or a totally digital animated movie.

Next year, more than any other time in the history of web design, web designers are going to make our heads explode with designs, content and developments in which their professional expertise is working at a 200%.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. That deserve this creative and developmental technique
  2. It is not suitable for all audiences
  3. Not suitable for all projects

To remember:

  1. Do not get into this if you are not a true professional
  2. Design and development go hand in hand
  3. No other aspect of the project can be sacrificed

Web sites currently using this trend

PROMETHEUS FUELS by Active Theory from United States


Visit website

Designs that take 3D to another level are one of the web design trends for 2022 that we are going to see the most in certain types of products or services. It is a very strong way to demonstrate and show yourself the latest in web design and development.

For certain products and services, using 3D will be one of the web design trends for 2022 that we are going to see the most, taking it to another level. It is a very strong way to demonstrate and show yourself ahead in web design and development.


YAMAUCHI nº10 FAMILY OFFICE by Mount Inc. from Japan


Visit website

No words can describe this website. I just invite you to take a look on how they use the 3D animations in this particular case in a very retro way.

PENDERECKI’S GARDEN by Huncwot from Poland


Visit website

Web designs based on 3D experiences are going further and further. As if they were video console games or experiences close to reality, they take us right inside the fiction.

Custom loading

Another trend in web design that will hit strongly is the loading of personalized and progressive content.

With this technique the contents are loaded in a very personal, attractive and dynamic way.

It is certainly a fact that this practice is not entirely recommendable at the SEO level (mr. Google likes to get the web site rendered as quickly as possible). Taking this appart, this technique significantly improves the user experience for our website, therefore users will spend more time in front of our website, and this, on the other hand is a good sign for Google.

This is a matter of assessing the pros and cons but personally I think it is preferable to bet on this trend than to fall behind.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. Need a very visual and impactful design
  2. User experience is the main focus

To remember:

  1. Not suitable for all kinds of projects
  2. It can only be implemented by true web development professionals
  3. Be integrated into the idiosyncrasy of the project

Web sites currently using this trend

CRAZY ABOUT EGGS by Superhero Cheesecake from Netherlands


Visit website

Loaders for websites were for a long time forgotten or made in a very standard way. This 2022 will be without a doubt one of the trends in web design. As we can see in this web design, the loader is an essential part of the website.


CRE8TIVE AGENCY by Buzzworthy-studio from United States


Visit website

Another example in which the trend in web design of personalized and customized loading is part of the design and is not below the needs of the website.


AMOUSE BOUCHE by Duall Studio from Portugal


Visit website

The last example where custom loading is an essential part of the design. This is one of the best examples of this trend so take note.

Interactive scrolling

Scrolling navigation for a few years has been hitting in all the best web design awards appearing in all websites and henceforth becoming one of the web design trends for 2022.

From its use and creativity, the interactive and vertical/horizontal combined scroll will appear next year.

By scrolling vertically through the web page with the mouse wheel, the site will display its content. This scroll will not only be vertical, but will also be combined with horizontal scroll on some occasions. Effects will also appear progressively, the appearance of elements, animations and everything you can think of.

This technique will be widely used to tell stories. This type of web design aims for storytelling to narrate an event – historical, present or future – or on commercial web sites in which the process is due to be shown in the form of a story, for instance manufacturing processes or craftsmanship.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. Bet on a dynamic and interactive design
  2. Have an audience that can digest this way of navigation
  3. Want to show a modern image

To remember:

  1. Respond to real needs, it’s up to you to give meaning to this technique
  2. It is a challenge in the development and programming stage
  3. Designer and developers have to work together these aspects in the initialstages

Web sites currently using this trend

BENJAMIN RIGHETTI by Michael Garcia from France


Visit website

Interactive scrolling is another of the trends in web design that we all are going to see in the most in dynamic web designs. The result, as we have seen in this first example, is a very attractive web design that makes you want to interact with.


BERTANI by Studio Idee Materia from Italy


Visit website

This website could be present in some of the other trends that we have already discussed, since it presents several of them. Take a good look to see if you are able to find what of these trends this website hides, of course besides the one we are talking about.


VON HEILIG by Holographik from Croatia


Visit website

The third example of interactive scrolling don’t get far behind. Once again a great design with a perfect developing, an excellent way to present a great impression to its customers and users.

Content explosion

Another trend in web design for 2022 is the so called Content Explosion.

This trend in web design is very daring. Content explosion can be defined by the hyper saturation of elements and contents on the web site.

We are not only talking about saturation by number, but saturation by sensations.

Here what is going to be looked for is that the user has a mental explosion in all senses.

For that, in addition to the high number of elements, we will also see colors, shapes, different types of typography – type and size – illustrations and much more, all up to the designers imagination.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. Are focused on a daring and possibly youthful audience
  2. Very dynamic and avant-garde projects
  3. They want to leave a mark

To remember:

  1. Everything, even this technique, has to answer a why
  2. You cannot miss the main purpose of the website
  3. All creative people work as a team to be able to give an “all excellent”

Web sites currently using this trend

MAMA JOYCE PEPPA SAUCE by Vaan from United States


Visit website

The content explosion trend is the main pillar of this web design. We see how all digital arts have been used to make the user experience explosive, just like the product presented in this web design.


THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE by Artem Militonian from Armenia


Visit website

Another example in which the content explosion is the main part of the website. The content appears in a very dynamic way but with a very gentle touch due to the topic of the website. One of the best web designs of 2022.


SIRUP X APPLE MUSIC PLAYLIST by tote_webdesign Japan


Visit website

The last example is very interesting because it makes the content explosion an essential part of the design. This website accomplishes this explosion without creating any visual rejection. The whole experience is very attractive and dynamic.

Diversidad y enfoque

This one is certainly going to be one of the trends in web design of 2022 and on other areas involving not only design but many other. Putting it simply: we are going to see this trend everywhere. But for our matter, we are talking about web design done through a much more diverse perspective.

We do not believe nor we are saying that this trend is about anything creative per se. Even though, like it or not it will be part of a full-fledged fashion that brands are aware of. With this we do not mean that diversity is a passing fad, we want to influence the use that brands make of this social thought.

Nobody wants to be entrenched in the past, creating web sites that do not consider the perspective of gender, sexual diversity, racial or beliefs.

When and how to apply this web design trend

Use this web design trend in sites that:

  1. They really need a design with these characteristics
  2. They want to show an up-to-date and conscious image
  3. Must be suitable for all audiences

To remember:

  1. The execution must be perfect, a slip and the result will be the opposite
  2. Faking is worse than doing it wrong
  3. The best way to achieve this is for it to be done by someone with that awareness.

Web sites currently using this trend

POLA by Mount Inc from Japan


Visit website

A design that takes advantage of the trend in diversity and respect to deal with a very delicate subject. This trend will be present for a long time in almost all creative and commercial expressions that want to be up-to-date for 2022.



Visit website

On this web page we have a good example of asymmetric web design. Items appear at different times and scroll across the screen at different speeds, and of course they are positioned asymmetrically. This website is also the perfect example for the web design trend that attains us.


AFTERGLO by Louis Paquet from Canada


Visit website

Our latest example is another perfect example to show how diversity and respect find their way into web design, giving and offering us entirely new forms of written and visual communication.

Conclusions and summary for the lazy

Now that we are done with our prediction, it is time for conclusions.

Web design trends for 2022 are the natural evolution that web design and development suffer through the years. The power of machinery is getting bigger and bigger and web designers know it. In the same way, the support they have from developers is stronger and with those two factors combined it is natural that web designs are becoming every year even better.

We see how all or almost all the elements of a great web design can be customized without having a penalty in the bandwidth that at this point is already through the roof and exceeds all the needs – perhaps in 3D animation is where we will still see more significant advances – but that doesn’t mean that trends won’t keep evolving into places that are still unexplored or into concepts that are still unknown to us.

Time and the months passing by will tell us how things are going to evolve next year. For now we can only take note and be prepared for the future.


The article is the result of a whole year of prospecting work on the main websites in which the best web design of the moment and the best internet content on web design and development are awarded.

All images and videos are property and correspond to work we do not own, they are external samples that are duly accredited to their creators, whom we congratulate for their fantastic work and contribution to web design and programming.

The references that we have chosen are just an example that we have found to be interesting to help us illustrate these trends. Surely there will be others, but we have chosen these with great affection. About the trends, we also made an effort to investigate and forecast as best as we could, so please do not be a douchebag and enjoy the post.

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Author: Daniel Edho
Project Manager
Daniel Edho is a photographer, graphic designer and project manager of Code Barcelona.
Collector-Survival-Nomad-Bitter-Gamberro-Traveller- Ruralfighter - Hobo - Homie

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