Web design Spain, Barcelona.

CODE is a graphic design company and web design agency based in Spain, Barcelona.
Creativity is what defines us. Each and every web design project we lead is tailored to the needs of our clients specifications and made with the highest standards. That's because we consider all of our projects as our next artwork. Therefore we are committed to make them shine working closely with our clients, creating next generation web designs.

The most of our clients are based in Spain, Barcelona, but we also design projects for clients all around the globe. Barcelona, San Francisco, Miami, Puerto Rico, China, Russia,...

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Copy writing.

When is the time to create a new web page, all the content should fulfill certain standards. We know it and we work with our clients to create original and suitable contents. We write and do all photographic tasks and also the needed digital retouch.

We design with passion.

For us, there is no such thing like working on all projects with love. In our opinion, creativity comes with freedom and passion. Therefore, we put our five senses to each and every web design we work on.

We are up to date.

We are proud to say that we are taking the lead. Our web design works proves it. Every new project we make, we evolve as creators. Overcoming our clients competitors websites is really easy, what is more difficult for us is to overcome ourselves, and in this we work on.

Tailormade websites

We work with Wordpress, the worldwidest famous content management system. We develop and design our own creations. We refuse to work using themes. Our work only makes sense when we are free and we work with creativity, giving to each design its own brand essence.

We contribute.

We don't limit ourselves in working in the project. We come up with new ideas, thinking about the best ways to show the needed information. Our ideas must be brilliant.

Working besides the client.

We want happy clients. We make sure to accomplish the highest standards, and because of this, we advise our clients during the develop and design process. What our clients ask for is not always the best solution, and therefore we dialogue with them every aspect, always keeping in mind that the last work falls on the client.

Our design process

we are based in Spain, Barcelona,
the cosmopolitan city
1 We schedule a meeting to lay the groundwork and define the project goals.
2 We study your competitors and the project needs and then start thinking about the best solutions.
3 We show you the first design proposals.
4 We show you the first design proposals.
5 You tell us all the desired changes and modifications and we execute it all.
6 We show you the last version and finally we release your website on the net.
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We are based in Spain, Barcelona
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